Wood Burning Stoves
for Suffolk, Essex, and All of East Anglia

The first wood-burning stove was patented in Strasbourg in 1557, two centuries before the Industrial Revolution, which would make iron an inexpensive and common material, so such stoves were high end consumer items and only gradually spread in use.

In the 1740s, a wood shortage in Philadelphia inspired Benjamin Franklin to improve upon the existing open hearth. His three-sided iron box, aptly named the Franklin stove, used only one-quarter as much fuel as did a fireplace and could raise the room temperature higher in a shorter amount of time.

As a rough guide, a kilowatt of heat per hour can be provided by a wood burning stove for a fifth of the cost of a kWh of electricity and around a third of the cost of a kWh of oil and gas.
At Martin Melville, we’re proud to carry a variety of high-quality wood burning stoves for clients across the Suffolk and Essex areas. To learn more about our inventory or to discuss your installation needs, feel free to contact us or visit our showroom today.
“We offer a full multi-fuel/wood-burner stove installation and commissioning service including any associated major and minor building work, all carried out by our qualified HETAS registered engineers.”  – Martin

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Multi-Fuel Models

Multi-fuel stove designs are common in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. They burn smokeless fuel and dried wood under 20% moisture. They are typically made of steel or cast iron. 

Stoves that readily convert to either oil or gas in addition to wood fuel have been manufactured in North America and Europe since the early 20th century and are still manufactured. In some models, the oil or gas may fuel the stove through a pipe connection leading to a “pot burner” in the rear of the firewood compartment in the stove. This is a great alternative to a wood burning stove because you don’t need wood to fuel it.

2022 Eco Design Compliant Stoves

All of the stoves which we sell at our showroom comply with the HETAS Ecodesign Compliant Stoves and Boilers.

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